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Our readers have diverse interests and are very attuned to mail order and Internet purchasing. They are educated, well-placed financially, and responsive to new products. If this sounds like we have an audience for your product, then lets talk more about how Challenge Publications can help prosper your business or event. We also offer ad creation services.


For PRINT AD SPECIFICATIONS: Please contact George Hulett
Office: (818) 700-6868 ext 18     Cell: (818) 425-1544     Fax (818) 700-6282

Web Ad Specifications

Challenge offers a range of IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) industry standard sizes and weights:


  1. 468 x 60 IMU – (Full Banner)
  2. 120 x 60 IMU – (Button 2)
  3. 120 x 240 IMU – (Vertical Banner)

Additional Web Ad Specs

  • Continuous looping animation is not accepted and limited to the first 15 seconds.
  • Creative must have a 1 pixel border that clearly distinguishes the ad from content. Black or gray [666666 is recommended although any color may be used].
  • Rich Media is accepted on a case-by-case basis.

  • Audio must be user-initiated, never automatic and must have an On/Off switch for users.

  • Embed the click-through URL in the Flash file (.swf) and audio insertion may begin no earlier than second frame.

  • Third party tracking and serving OK. Just send invocation code (banner tags) and we will plug it into our ad management software.